Marketing Consulting

After completing and owning a cosmetic brand, developing a marketing plan to bring new products to the market is essential, deciding whether your firm would succeed or fail. If you do not have experience planning a marketing strategy to reach your potential target customers, build customers relationship, and increase your sales. The marketing consulting service at Tami Natural Home is the solution for you.

Tami Natural Home provides Marketing services to individuals and organizations wishing to promote business branding and sales in the cosmetic industry. We build a service delivery process that starts from understanding the product, customer, market and follows four main steps:

Step 1: Understand the client’s requirements.

Tami Natural Home will meet with the client to listen and understand all information and documents based on our client’s requirements to help us figure the most appropriate marketing strategy for our clients.

Step 2: Analysis

After having preliminary documents and information, Tami Natural Home will conduct product research, market analysis, and target customer behavior to determine the most effective method to reach the users.

Step 3: Propose an effective marketing plan.

Based on client’s needs and analysis data, Tami Natural Home start consulting a marketing plan for client base on development requirements and resources of the business, supporting impressive logo design, in line with the company’s strategy, brand positioning, visual support: filming, taking photos during the production and packaging process.

Step 4: Result report

During the implementation of Marketing activities, Tami Natural Home monitors, measures, and evaluates the results and makes appropriate adjustments to achieve the highest efficiency.

Hopefully, with the process of our specific and compelling Marketing consulting services, we can help organizations and individuals bring their products closer to target customers and increase sales.