Container & Packaging Supply

The design of the product’s packaging always plays an extremely important role and often it decides the success of the product and the sales campaign of the business.  Consumers have often been attracted by products with eye-catching and luxurious packaging as well as products that have a variety of models.  Therefore, the packaging is not only for display, but also to advertise the images of the products as well as promote the business of the brands.

Tami Natural Home provides packaging design services exclusively for products in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. We are a supplier of high-class cosmetic containers with more than 1000 different brilliant models on the market. Customers can easily choose product bottles from high-end to ordinary bottles or eye-catching and prominently designed plastic bottles, serving the cosmetic packaging market, products, and by the needs of the customer.

  In addition, we also support customers to edit packaging content by regulations, carry out packaging design based on standard processes, and include 4 main steps:

  Step 1: Gather customer needs

  Conduct interviews, collect customers’ opinions on the main product, the customer’s goal when producing this product, the commercial strategy that the customer pursues as well as the uniqueness of the product.

  Step 2: Analyze

  Learn about micro-targets, goals, and user experience during product usage to optimize efficiency in design packaging.

  Step 3: Design

  Identify the elements required in a package design such as Colors, typography, graphics bring the emotions desired by the brand, define production designs for aesthetic purposes, and ease of use. After that, Tami Natural Home will have a preliminary discussion and a final draft on how to present the product packaging.

  Step 4: Production

  Carry out trial production to accurately assess the effectiveness of the packaging.  At the same time, the actual use process can be combined with the necessary changes.  Finally, do detailed editing before going into co-production.