Optimized Production Process Consultancy

Consulting the production is a important step for businesses’ production process in order to help determine the calculated performance results in a regulated way. This step is assisting companies in evaluating their barriers such as quality, productivity, management system network. Moreover, it will help minimize expenses, increase energy production, and increase productivity to gain profit and build an effective management system network.
Tami Natural Home consultation team has many years of experience will make a meeting with customers and determine to meet customers’ demand about the products. From the information, our R&D team will research the current market trending to develop the product to attract potential customers.
Consult production process in Tami Natural Home will be carried out according to the following four steps:

Step 1: Determine the demand requirements of customers about the product

The Tami Natural Home team will determine the client’s demands and needs about products in some facet such as type of the product, special features of the products, the idea about packing and material,…

Step 2: Research about market trending and future customers

After determining the client’s requirements and needs, our R&D team will research the market trending and potential customers in order to make suggestions on optimizing production processes such as technology, packaging, materials… to help the customer reach the most effective production system

Step 3: Proposing solutions to maximize production

After analysis and evaluation, the consulting team will work with the customer to present solutions to optimize the production process. At the same time, give an overall production plan to overcome and improve production efficiency in the future.

Step 4: Sign the consulting contract.

After the two parties agree on the proposed plan, including cost, implementation time,…will sign a consulting contract and implement activities under the signed contract.