Cosmetic Manufacture – Production Process

The cosmetics manufacturing at Tami Natural Home is the solution for individuals and organizations who need to produce cosmetic products to create a competitive advantage in the potential market.

The manufacturing process at Tami Natural Home following ten steps below:

Step 1: Consulting customer needs:

Tami Natural Home’s customers will be provided advice on the products and services they are interested in.

Step 2: Business Consulting

Tami counseling service will provide customers full-service support on manufacturing products and information on recipes and raw materials. Our full-service counseling will include recipes recommendations, source of materials, production technology, manufacturing process, container design, and packing process.

Step 3: Cost and contract

After understanding customers need, Tami will offer a full-service cost that commits to being fair and reasonable base on all the service and values your business will

Step 4: Design and product concepts

From the customer’s request for a product, Tami will proceed to determine the exact information about the essential characteristics that the customer requires, such as materials, methods, processes, services, systems. Simultaneously conduct product concept consulting and describe the product such as Ideas, features, highlights, etc. Furthermore, this concept needs to show the style and message of the product by the wishes and needs of customers.

Step 5: Formula and sample production

After thorough research on ingredients, technology, etc., we develop product formulas to optimize quality and match market trends. Then, carry out sample products based on the researched formula and materials to receive timely feedback from customers about the product before mass production.

Step 6: Evaluate products’ stability, compatibility, and safety.

Tami will evaluate based on a sample product for the safety, compatibility, and stability of the ingredients.

Step 7: Agree on cooperation methods and proceed to production

Both sides process to agree on the contract and manufacture products based on the proposed agreements

Step 8: Plan agreement

Make a specific production plan based on the customer’s requirements and the size of the manufacturing plant. At the same time, specifically, inform customers about the manufacturing plan.

Step 9: Production and packaging

Next, we will proceed to produce, pack up and check the quality of the products. With British production technology, the factory system meets international standards as well as a secure packaging process. Surely can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Step 10: Quality Check

After completing the production process, Tami Natural Home proceed to the mass quality checks to review and deliver the best products to the customer