Return/Refund Policy

Exchange and return after purchase is always something that no one wants. However, no matter how hard you try, mistakes are inevitable. Not only does it cost more money, time, effort, and even customer trust.

To limit problems as well as create trust in customers, Tami Natural Home offers the following return and exchange support policy:

1. In case of technical errors in the production process: Inspection and reimbursement shall be thoroughly checked.

2. In the case of semi-finished goods: 

           As a case of outsourcing and self-packaging, Tami natural home is only responsible for product quality after receiving defective products and conducting the inspection. After confirming the exact situation, Tami Natural Home will exchange and receive the faulty goods and exchange them for a new replacement product.

3. In case the goods are broken during transportation:

Tami Natural Home will accept returns for broken products during transportation to return to customers.

With Tami Natural Home‘s shipping and return policies, we hope to bring you the best, fastest, and most satisfying service experience.

If you have any questions about products and orders, please contact Tami Natural Home‘s customer care department by phone:

(0272) 3758355 or email for answers.