Raw & Chemical materials Supply

Not only known as a factory specializing in full-service manufacturing cosmetics, Tami Natural Home also stands out for its strength of being the source for safe and quality materials/chemicals. We are proud to be a unit that are capable of providing a variety of necessary materials to meet the production needs for diverse specialized product lines for facial skin, body, lips, hair, nails, teeth, home care chemicals, etc.

In addition, the raw materials from the Tami factory are also guaranteed of natural origin, quality standards, and suitable for each criterion and requirements of each customer.


This is a group of materials consisting of substances containing water (also known as water base) or containing oil (called oil base). This is a substance commonly applied to each product of shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, nail polish, lipstick, toothpaste thickener, etc.

The benefits of this substance are known as helping dissolve active ingredients better, making nutrients absorb faster, which creates a beautiful shine look, and helping reduce viscosity in the product. Usually, this is the most commonly used group of ingredients in cosmetic materials.

Common base types include:

Gel base: Having the ability to swell in the water to make water thicken, looking like a clear gel. Products such as shampoo gel, face wash gel, clear shower gel are mainly made with this type of base.

Velvet base: Helping to enhance the permeability of active ingredients and create smoothness for the skin, besides, creating a long-lasting foundation for the skin as well.

Watery cream base: Creating a layer base, dissolving water-based active ingredients, and helping active ingredients absorb quickly deep into the epidermis. It brings an optimal treatment effect to the skin, creating a feeling with no signs of sticky or revealing skin texture.

Water-based: The texture is completely liquid and light like water, facilitating the absorption of active ingredients quickly and evenly on the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Base: Keeping the skin’s maximum moisture, keeping the skin hydrated, smooth without sticky.

Active ingredients

Different from the base that every product must have, the product on the market wanting to make a difference requires intensive treatment of active ingredients. These active ingredients help provide a variety of extracts to help the product have the ability to whiten skin, treat freckles, treat dark spots, anti-aging, moisture, deodorants, preservatives, etc.

Cosmetic packaging

With a variety of eye-catching packaging designs, ensuring quality and safety in many categories such as: narrow mouth jars, wide mouth jars, tubes, suitable for powder form, stick form, pencils, etc. that come from plastic or glass to help customers have more choices.