Terms and conditions

Tami Natural Home was established with a single mission of providing customers with high-quality beauty care products and experiences with prestigious products manufactured by modern technological lines.

Not only that, the staffs of Tami Natural Home are always willing taking care of customers to ensure that the purchase, consulting, answering questions, or returning are done quickly. However, Tami Natural Home will not be responsible for the following cases:

         1. Out of date goods:

With a commitment to product quality, Tami Natural Home believes that the products we provide are tested and carefully reviewed. Hence, the status of providing expired products is not possible, so the product is out of stock. Tami Natural Home would like to refuse to exchange or refund.

2. Goods improperly preserved:

Skincare products or individual ingredients are all manufactured and stored in a clean, sterile vacuum environment and packaged, and they are stored at a specific temperature. Therefore, when buying and using cosmetics, it is recommended that customers also store them according to the instructions for use to avoid being in too hot places, forgetting to put the lid on, etc., causing the product to be affected, then Tami Natural Home will not solve.

3. Goods not manufactured by Tami Natural Home:

With a modern technological process of production, packaging, and preservation under a privated process with a team of workers who ensure the principles of hygiene and sterility when operating, the products that Tami Natural Home provides are quality assurance.

Tami Natural Home has a certificate of the quality production process, so when buying at Tami Natural Home, you can rest assured.

Đồng thời phía Tami Natural Home mỗi lô hàng đều có đánh dấu, ghi chú chính xác vậy nên các sản phẩm được Tami Natural Home kiểm tra mã code, mã vạch mà không thuộc sản phẩm bên Tami Natural Home sản xuất, đóng gói thì chúng tôi có quyền từ chối đổi trả hàng.

Each shipment of Tami Natural Home has our markings and notes, so the products that Tami Natural Home could check for codes and barcodes if goods are not part of Tami Natural Home’s products are manufactured and packaged, Tami Natural Home have the right to refuse to return the goods.

 4. For semi-finished products (customer self-packing):

When you order semi-finished products – products that have not been packed into each box, you need to check the product carefully so that you will immediately contact Tami Natural Home for resolution when there are any errors.

For the cases that have been packed, the Tami Natural Home side would like to refuse to settle this case.

To avoid unpleasant problems in sales cooperation, the customer should carefully check the product and read and understand the above exemptions to better understand the terms.