Technology and Formular Transfer

Cosmetology technology transfer transfers skills, knowledge, technology of cosmetic products from one person or organization to another person or organization. There are two main types of Transfer: “exclusive transfer” and “non-exclusive transfer.” This transition has the power to make you become a cosmetics giant if you know how to use the practical advantages to build your brand name and create your specialized product lines. 

Transfer of cosmetic chemical technology will help the customers ensure product standards, factory quality, and products. That is always in international stature but still, commit to saving and optimizing costs. 

In addition to receiving 100% of the technology transfer process from A – Z of the factory, non-exclusive Transfer is a way to help your business quickly change safety standards. The transferee has the right to innovate, create, change ingredients in cosmetics to best suit the nature of products, target customers, or local/national weather.

Transfer what?

+ Transfer of raw materials: ingredients, raw materials, additives for coloring, flavoring, …

+ Transfer of machinery: production lines, machines during creating cosmetics from natural materials, safety standards in the production process, etc.

+ Technology transfer: material preparation process from a – z, suitable machine temperature, fast and slow maintenance of machines in the mixing stage…

Notes in the process of technology transfer?

Because this is an issue directly related to copyright and intellectual property, it is imperative to have accompanying notes such as:

+ Agreement to transfer and use proprietary or non-exclusive technology

+ Clear Agreement to transfer or not transfer the right to use technology to a third party

+ Agreement on areas of technology transfer and use.

+ Agreement on the right to technology improvement, the right to receive information about technology improvement

+ Non-exclusive or exclusive Agreement to distribute and sell products created by the transferred technology.

+ Agreement on the territory to sell products produced by the transferred technology.

+ Negotiate other rights related to the transferred technology.

Technology transfer at Tami Natural Home factory

With a team of highly qualified engineers and exclusive formulas from the UK and raw materials with Natural international certificates (Germany, Korea, …), we are always committed to bringing you the best products.