Trademark registration & Product Disclosure

Registering trademarks and publishing the quality is the final important step in a product producing process. Registering trademarks will bring a lot of benefits for organizations, individuals who are the owner of a product or trade names – cosmetics such as: helping customers to distinguish between your company’s product and others. It is a marketing method, promote products and build a reputation. Moreover, trademark registration also creates opportunities for commercial franchise and a huge income from this business. Finally, helping you make an evident about right whenever having a dispute with a third party.

If you are an organization or individual doing business in the field of chemical – cosmetic production and are looking for trademark registration and quality announcement. List Tami Natural Home to save your time to use the service:

– Advising customers on the product trademark registration process from start to finish.

– Advising clients on how to design a brand identity to ensure the highest registration.

– Support to announce cosmetic

– Support for advertising license registration

– Support to register barcode, trademark protection registration

– Consulting, supporting, explaining customers’ questions after finishing the work.

Using Tami Natural Home’s chemical – cosmetic brand registration service, you will be completely assured of the effectiveness of the product