Cushion Manufacture


Cushion (water powder) is a liquid foundation like Foundation, BB cream, CC cream. When applying Cushion to the skin, it will bring a glossy, light effect, not too thick and not heavy on the face.

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The advantage of Cushion is its outstanding moisturizing effect thanks to its optimal mineral water composition, which does not cause occlusion like other concealers that do not contain water. In addition, some Cushions also have the function of cooling, soothing the skin, optimally moisturizing and even having sun protection.

As a useful makeup trend for Asian women whose skin is vulnerable to heat, high humidity and intense tropical sunlight – Tami Natural Home pays special attention to this product line with advanced technologies. The most advanced to create different tones suitable for popular Asian skin tones.

Là xu hướng trang điểm hữu dụng cho phụ nữ châu Á vốn sở hữu làn da dễ bị tổn thương do nhiệt, độ ẩm cao và ánh nắng nhiệt đới gay gắt – Tami Natural Home đặc biệt chú trọng dòng sản phẩm này với những công nghệ tiên tiến nhất để tạo ra các tone màu khác nhau phù hợp với những tone da Á Đông phổ biến. 


Choose a cushion foundation for dry skin:

  • BB/CC cream-based.
  • Cushion has a good moisturizing function to avoid skin peeling.
  • How to use: Apply a layer of moisturizing primer at first, then moisten the cushion cotton pad and stomp on the skin several times, many layers of foundation so that they stick to the skin better.

Choose cushion foundation for oily skin:

  • Available in mattifying or satin and foundation-based finishes
  • It has a thin and light texture that avoids clogging pores and causing acne.

  • How to use: Use mattifying primers, then spread the cushion evenly on the skin, then cover the entire face with powder to help skin look fresh and last longer.


The design product line of Cushion at Tami Natural Home

Plastic/metal round or square box with sponge containing many air holes, the sponge helps to retain the liquid cream inside.

Why Tami Natural Home?

  • Exclusive formula, meeting customers’ requirements and the majority of consumers’ needs in Vietnam. 
  • Using ingredients with international certificates, friendly to Vietnamese skin, which bring a safe and effective experience with domestic cosmetics.
  • Trending design, eye-catching packaging, all sizes for all consumption behaviors.
  • Fast, timely production to meet the large number of consumption.
  • Supporting product and brand announcement procedures.