Powder Manufacture

1. Introduce

Compact powder is a cosmetic that has a dry or compact texture with a small, light, thin substance that is adherent to the skin. This product has the effect of protecting the foundation from drifting and keeping it for a long time, also known as a foundation lock step.

Tami Natural Home is a supplier of exclusive powder coating processing services with good quality and ensures the 3 most important criteria for a powder product that is sought and sought by many people:


  • Good oil-control ability, long-lasting foundation fixation due to containing Talc and Silica, these are two components with good oil absorption.
  • The product is porous, smooth, and evenly dispersed on the skin, helping to bring about a natural effect, avoiding the situation of making the skin feel thick with powder particles deposited into the pores, making the skin surface become unsightly.
  • Built-in sun protection function, convenient in use.

2. Classify

2.1. Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is a type of powder that is compressed into a small block and often has a mirror attached, so it is very convenient to manipulate. This powder has a fairly thick skin density, so it has good coverage, easily covering many skin imperfections such as acne, bruises, etc.

This powder is suitable for normal skin, dry skin because it has a longer grip and is supplemented with skin care ingredients to limit skin peeling.


2.2 Powder coatingĀ 

This powder has less density on the skin, so it provides a more natural and gentle foundation. The powder particles of this product are usually very small in size, so they limit the condition of the face, providing a thin, light, long-lasting foundation. In addition, powdered powder has a higher ability to catch light than compact form.

Powdered powder is suitable for oily/combination skin that is naturally oily because the tiny particles of the powder form have a good oil absorption effect.


3. Packaging, popular design of Powder

The packaging has an elegant, simple design with gentle colors that will surely attract the eyes of girls who are passionate about makeup. In addition, the chalk box is designed to be minimalistic and compact, and the inside of the box is included with a mirror and a cotton pad that will help users conveniently use it.

4. Why Tami Natural Home?


Each powder product is born through a research process on market trends, specific needs of users and business orientations of individuals and organizations.

Customers can request production in compressed or powder form or based on the type of leather, the skin condition of the specific user to perform the processing and production process.

From the specific orientations and the agreement of the parties. Tami Natural Home’s product research and development team will perform analysis and research on ingredients and combinations of ingredients to create specific formulas and ensure safety and effectiveness for users.

In addition, with advanced production technology, quality imported raw materials and large factory scale will help speed up the product production process.

To better understand the operation process, please call Hotline: 098 230 2430 for detailed advice from our team.