Lipstick Manufacture

Lipstick is a cosmetic which is a must-have item in every ladies’ handbag. Because lipstick can help women become attractive immediately. To Tami Natural Home, we not only make quality lipstick but also bring natural ingredients good for lips, it doesn’t cause dark lips.

1. Advantages of lipstick

Lipstick is a method helping lips become attractive with good-looking, outstanding colors. Using lipstick can help girls is more confident, making face brighter. Besides, a lot of people use lipstick as eyeshadow, blusher…


2. Kinds of common lipstick

2.1 Tint lipstick

It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid when you apply it on your lips, it will be smooth, and not lumpiness. After drying, lipstick leaves a smooth foundation on the lips like velvet. The colors of the lipsticks are usually quite standard on the lips, and the color fastness is high. Lipstick is processed by Tami Natural Home includes:

  • Matte lipstick
  • Semi matte lipstick
  • Tint lipstick
  • Lip gloss
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2.2 Lipsticks

You can hold it in your hand completely, the head of lipstick was made to help customer use it easily. This lipstick usually has ingredients made up of substances such as: wax; nutrition, additives; mineral color; gel for smoothness. Lipstick usually have high adhesion and are easy to maintain. The lipstick is processed by Tami Natural Home includes:

  • Matte lipstick
  • Jelly lipstick
  • Gloss lipstick
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2.3 Lip balm

With moisturizing function, lip balm is usually colorless or very pale in color. Lipstick is often extracted from natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe, avocado, coconut oil… extremely safe and prevent from dark lips. The lip balm is processed by Tami Natural Home includes:

  • Colored lipstick
  • Colorless lipstick
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2.4 Exfoliating lipstick

Unlike other products that have ability to moisturize the lips, exfoliating lipsticks often exist in the form of a scrub. This is a product that helps to improve dry and cracked condition, remove the old lips skin, and return the confident and attractive lips for users. Normally, the ingredients of exfoliating lipsticks include sugar, vitamin E, shea butter, ingredients in pears, grapes… extremely safe and benign.

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3. Packaging, popular design of lipstick

Depending on the benefit of the product and the customer, packaging of lipstick will be different, for instance:

  • To lipstick and balm: Screw lipstick is the top priority
  • To liquid lipstick: tubes with cotton tips, sponges are often chosen
  • To lip scrubs: plastic or glass jars will be suitable.

However, you can also make the product different and unique with a unique and more impressive packaging and design with Tami Natural Home.

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4. Why Tami Natural Home?

Tami Natural Home is a manufacturer that listens and understands customers. Besides, we always keep up with cosmetic trends in the market, giving the best finished products at an affordable budget.

With just 6 convenient steps below, you can have an exclusive product with your own brand name. Besides, Natural Home factory always listens to the needs of each customer to make the best innovative products, best suited to market criteria. With experience in manufacturing cooperation for thousands of large and small units locally and abroad, Tami Natural Home will be a worthy place for you to trust.

Manufacture process at Tami Natural Home

Step 1: Customer call hotline 0978 595 487

Step 2: Tami Natural Home team consults and receives information, as well as customer’s needs about the product.

Step 3: Tami sends samples to customers on time as announced.

Step 4: Customer and Tami agree to the costs and sign the contract.

Step 5: After 3-5 days, Tami will finish the production (faster than others from 2-3 days).

Step 6: Product delivery to customers.

In addition, Tami Natural Home also supports product announcement and legal procedures when launching the cosmetics to the market.

For a better understanding about the operation process, please call Hotline: 0982 302 430 for detailed advice by the factory’s staff.